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IL Cane Corso

Faithful without question, courageous without arrogance,

proud without presumption.




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                                    Welcome to Grand Cane Corso we breed to the FCI Standard.

                                    FCI stands for Federation Cynologique Internationale, the world wide canine

                                    organization.  established in 1911, it includes 83 members and contract

                                    partners (one member per country). I choose to do this for a few reasons:

                                    the FCI standard is very detailed, and I believe will help keep the corso

                                    on a straighter path; this is the standard used in Italy and 79 countries

                                    in the world; and out of respect for the breed. We are located in central

                                    region of the state of Illinois, USA, Central time zone USA.


                                   Grand Cane Corso Breeds for Type

                                   A novice often confuses type with breed. Each breed within itself has a

                                   number of types. Type is the general appearance or look of a dog. It covers

                                   such things as head style, body style, and size.  To truly be satisfied with

                                   your dog you must be happy with what it looks like.  At Grand Cane Corso, we

                                   breed for type.  Dogs having recognizable characteristics of a Grand Cane Corso

                                   that are within the standard of the breed.

CH Grand's Pantera,CGC  CCAA 2013 National Specialty Reserve Winners Bitch


                                   Grand Cane Corso breeds for temperament

                                   Temperament is the personality of your dog, and how he relates to his world

                                   around him.  When I say I breed for temperament, I mean I breed for an

                                   intelligent, active, and even-minded working dog.  From the time a litter is

                                   whelped until they go to their new families, I work with the imprinting and

                                   conditioning, helping to stimulate their thought processes, applying small

                                   amounts of stress for them to learn how to deal with.  Ultimately, how they

                                   learn to deal with stress is a large part of their temperament.  The new

                                   families will then continue with the socialization and the puppy's/dog's



Grand's Cianna BH,CGC, with owner handler Kristin Clark




                                   Grand Cane Corso breeds for health

                                   When I say I breed for health, it means I have done health testing on the

                                   dogs I use in my breeding program, using dogs from proven blood lines,

                                   breeding dogs from parents and grandparents that have lived long healthy

                                   lives.  At Grand Cane Corso, our health, type and temperament are all

                                   related.  Breeding dogs that are of a well constructed type, meaning well

                                   balanced bodies of a Grand nature, along with an intelligent, active,

                                   even-minded dog that comes from dogs of the same nature make for healthy




                                   Breeding and the selection of puppies is an art. I have bred Corsos for

                                  many years; whelping over a hundred puppies; breeding particular lines

                                   of dogs; seeing how blood lines work together when bred; seeing puppies at

                                   birth; watching them grow; studying their characteristics in every fashion;

                                   seeing their health, temperament, type, as they develop into adults. Doing

                                   this again and again gives you the tools to select Sires, Dams, and puppies

                                   for showing and breeding (to the best mother nature will allow). I say this

                                   is an art because even with having the right tools, some individuals will

                                   have a talent/eye for it and some will not.


Grand's Countach

                                   With the increasing number of Cane Corso, the need for it's recovery no

                                   longer exists. The increasing popularity of the breed has lent itself to

                                   the lowering of quality of the breed in general. My goal at this point is to

                                   aid in the preservation of it's quality.


CH Grand's Pantera,CGC



The Cane Corso

Origins And Prospects Of The Italian Molossoid

 ( Fernando Casolino - Stefano Gandolfi )

Few have or have had the sensitivity to understand that our old species, animals

and vegetables, Have a value that goes far beyond biological diversity.     Beyond the

memory written in one's dna there is in fact, that of history.  " Cane Corso" means

  cattle trails, buffalo herds, ranches, flocks.   The words bring with them the ancient

 perfume of the land, of whey for making cheese, of the calloused hands of the people

of the south.   He lives in our roots.   There is a story of peasant culture written

 in and around this splendid animal.


 Grand Cane Corso Italiano


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